Product Placement

Our agronomy team prides itself in providing information to help maximize your seed investment.  Here are some resources to help you produce the most on every acre.

Planting Population Recommendations

We test each corn product across a wide range of planting populations to find the optimal seeding rate for yield and standability. Click below for printable corn planting population recommendations for each product and yield environment.  

2019 Hoegemeyer Corn Planting Population Recommendations



Our corn products undergo complete testing for silage characteristics.  Here are our top corn and silage characteristics.

Beef Silage Characteristics

Dairy Silage Characteristics


High pH

We test our corn products in high pH soils to identify the products that will work best in your unique soil types.

High pH Information


Sandy Soils

Sandy soils require special management considerations to maintain high yields.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local Hoegemeyer agronomist.