Hoegemeyer is an exclusive distributor of Target Seed brand alfalfa and offers a number of high-quality, high-yielding alfalfa varieties with excellent traffic tolerance.  We've added Tiffany Teff grass, a high-quality, high protein warm-season annual grass to our forage lineup as an option for producers looking for a premium hay alternative  Contact one of our forage experts to identify the right option to meet your needs.

 TS 4007  Rugged  TS 4002  557 
Fall Dormancy Rating4345
Winter Survival Rating21.222
Traffic ToleranceHTHTHTT
Drought Tolerance  T 
Salt Tolerance  T 
Aphanomyces Race 1HRHRHRHR
Aphanomyces Race 2MR   
Bacterial WiltHRHRHRHR
Verticillium WiltHRHRHRHR
Fusarium WiltHRHRHRHR
Stem NematodeMRMR  

HR = High Resistance
MR = Moderate Resistance
R = Resistance
HT = High Tolerance
T = Tolerance


  • Traffic, compaction, and grazing tolerance
  • Large, broad, deep-set crowns produce more stems for high yield and quality throughout the life of the stand
  • Excellent persistence even under traffic and frequent harvest
  • Top choice for fields that will experience grazing pressure
  • Best for 3-4 cut systems

"I have been growing alfalfa for years and this is the best start an alfalfa field has ever had for me. I planted Target brand Rugged alfalfa in early April. The first cutting from the new seeding was taken in mid-July and I got 14 big round bales from the ten acres. In August, I harvested another ten big round bales from the field. I was extremely pleased with the vigor of Rugged, its rapid regrowth and also it's quality. I would recommend Rugged to anyone."

- Ray Albert
Louisville, NE

TS 4007

  • Improved forage quality, digestibility and traffic tolerance
  • Selected for increased leaf size and dark green color
  • Excellent choice for dairy hay producers
  • High quality combined with superior yield and persistence
  • Phoma crown rot resistance

TS 4002

  • Developed for growers that need yield and longevity in difficult environments
  • Excellent choice under poor moisture conditions such as dryland and limited irrigation
  • Bred for improved yield and persistence in marginal saline soils
  • Ecellent grazing tolerance when seeded with grasses

TS 557

  • Fall dormancy 5 with a 2 winter hardiness index
  • Outstanding yield potential across a wide range of geographies
  • Seleced for high forage quality
  • Medium tall, showy variety with a dense canopy
  • Ideal for growers looking to maximize tonnage and quality over the entire season


Tiffany Teff

Tiffany Teff is a new warm season annual grass hay for the horse hay market with “quality and palatability rivaling Timothy.” Click here for more information on Tiffany Teff.

A June 2009 article in Nebraska Farmer magazine quoted several producers who have added Teff as one of their annual forage crops. These producers have started using strains such as “Tiffany” for starting calves, feeding dry cows and providing good nutrition for horses.

Dennis Fitzke, the alfalfa product manager for Hoegemeyer was also interviewed for the article and added, “Teff yields can vary from 4 to 5 ½ tons per acre in multiple cuttings on better eastern Nebraska dryland fields.”

Hoegemeyer has added Tiffany Teff to their forage lineup and seen good success among producers. Fitzke went on to say, “We have seen Tiffany Teff fields produce up to 7 to 8 tons of forage when 75 to 100 pounds of N are added under irrigated conditions.”

For the complete article check out your June 2009 issue of Nebraska Farmer or go online to jump directly to the article at



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