Privacy Policy

Hoegemeyer Hybrids is committed to protecting your privacy. This policy defines the commitment of Hoegemeyer Hybrids and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred as Hoegemeyer Hybrids) to protect the privacy of personal information that is collected or used in the course of conducting business.

User Privacy Rights:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids respects the legal requirements that exist regarding the privacy of its users' personal information. Hoegemeyer Hybrids follows the law and updates its policies and practices for collecting and disclosing information.

Collection/Third Party Notice and Compliance:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids will give notice when personal information is collected or when any collected information is later to be provided to third parties. All notices will explain the need for the information and describe how the information will be used. Any use of personal information must be disclosed in advance. Additionally, Hoegemeyer Hybrids requires others who acquire or provide personal information from or to Hoegemeyer Hybrids to comply with the principles and objectives of this policy. Hoegemeyer Hybrids will maintain procedures to assure that sensitive information is collected lawfully and with consent. Users reserve the right not to participate.

Hoegemeyer Hybrids may, at its discretion, remove any portion of the users information and reserves the right to recycle data for scientific or other uses.

Information Security:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids will maintain the security of personal information, and protect users' data from, but not limited to the following: loss, unauthorized use,, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Information Correction:
Users may access their information to ensure accuracy or to change other information.

We Provide a Way to Process Complaints:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids will publish the procedures for responding to complaints, questions and inquiries regarding its established procedures for protecting Personal Information.

Law or Court Order Disclosure of Personal Information:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids may be required by law or court order to disclose personal information without notice.

Collection Policies and Guidelines:
Hoegemeyer Hybrids will dispatch all employee resources and guidelines (for information that is collected or used relating to former, current, or prospective employees) to comply with this Policy.

All Rights Reserved:
Privacy policies evolve with time and with the advancement of technology, and vary with companies. Users may notice similarities between competing companies, but no two companies have the exact policy. Hoegemeyer Hybrids reserves the right to modify and update this policy, its website, or its related business practices at any time. Effective date: November 1, 2005.