The Cordell Family and Hoegemeyer - A 38-Year Partnership

January 2, 2018

In 1974 Steven Cordell started farming in northwest Missouri and was first introduced to Hoegemeyer products by a neighbor dealer. Five years later, he married and starting selling for the brand with a personal challenge to get his in-laws to plant 100 percent Hoegemeyer.

This challenge took a couple years of adding a few Hoegemeyer bags to their line-up and many conversations, but Steven’s father-in-law and brother-in-law were convinced that they needed to be all in. “They found the yields and seed quality were consistently better than what they had been planting,” added Steven.

Cordell’s 38-year dealership is truly a family affair spanning generations. Steven, with the help of his wife Debbie, operated out of his car trunk and garage during the early years and have grown their business to include their children and spouses. “My son, Ryan, has always had a passion for agriculture and he’s a lot better salesman than me,” states Steven.


Today, RKS Seeds operates out of Parnell, Mo., and includes Steven; his son, Ryan; and son-in-law, Kelly. RKS Seeds is noted among growers for their solid reputation and trustworthy way of doing business. “We have developed a venture that I’m even prouder of today than when it started in the late 1970’s,” states Steven.

RKS Seeds understands the value of investing in their dealership to serve growers in the most timely and dependable way – this includes additional seed storage, seed treating capabilities and product knowledge. “Our way of doing business is simple. Offer superior customer service and strive for excellence to keep customers satisfied!”

Steven chose to first start selling Hoegemeyer because it was a family owned business and feels they treat everyone like family. “They are very down to earth; have a great knowledge of breeding and in their products. That hasn’t change over the past 38 years. Hoegemeyer allows us to be ourselves and do what works best for us and our customers,” Steven adds.

RKS Seeds has great vision to continue serving the area with top products and the highest quality service. “My hope is the future RKS Seeds will include my grandchildren. This is a family business that we want to keep in the family!”

“My advice for future dealers is to show your appreciation to customers and always seek ways to serve them better!”

– Steven Cordell, RKS Seeds

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