Protect your Seed from the Start!

February 16, 2016
Author Ryan Spurgeon

Hoegemeyer believes in seed treatments as a means to capture greater yield by protecting the soybean seed from the start. Whether it’s on your own acres or when going up against the competition, Right Stand® and Right Stand + ILeVO® treatment packages protect the genetic potential on every seed, every bag and every acre!  

Here's a few reasons why:

Wider Planting Window

  • Planting in cool, wet soils may result in slower emergence.
  • Increased disease pressure is possible.
  • Seed treatments allow for earlier planting dates and reduced replant.

Tolerance to High Residue Environments

  • Increased soil residues can harbor pest populations and disease pathogens.
  • Residue is associated with cool soil temperatures which may delay emergence.

Improved Soybean Plant Performance

  • Stand
  • Vigor
  • Pest and Disease control
  • 2.5 bushel average yield advantage for Right Stand over no treatment.
  • 2-10 bushel yield advantage for Right Stand + ILeVO over base package depending on severity of SDS and SCN pressure.

Right Stand and Right Stand + ILeVO soybean seed treatment is a proprietary mix of chemistries including an insecticide, biological growth stimulant, and multiple fungicides offering broad spectrum protection. A common misconception is that seed treatments are only needed for early planting dates. Some insects and diseases are not limited to cool and wet conditions associated with early planting dates. An example would be Phytophthora Root Rot which is also very active under warm and wet soil conditions.

If you have any questions about soybean seed treatments, visit your Hoegemeyer DSM, Dealer or Agronomist.  

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