Products Tolerant to High pH

January 26, 2016
Author Craig Langemeier

High pH soils are common in the Hoegemeyer footprint.  At Hoegemeyer, we recognize that certain hybrids perform better in these challenging soil types.  That is why we ramped up our testing program to evaluate our products tolerance to high pH soils. 

The last two growing seasons we have conducted trials in both western (McCook, North Platte) and eastern (North Bend) Nebraska to see what products in the Hoegemeyer line-up do well in these fields.  The pH average for the plots has been 8.2 in 3 trials and 8.3 in another trial.  All 4 trials have been done under irrigation.  Certain products have shown some pretty impressive yield results.  In the early season trial 7102 family has had excellent yield results.  In the mid-season 7876 family products have been yielding well above the test average, and for the full season products 8294 family has done the same.   If you’re interested in learning more about products that work on these challenging soils check out our Hoegemeyer High pH Study or contact your local Hoegemeyer DSM or Agronomist.  

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