Hoegemeyer 2016 Planting Update

May 19, 2016
Author Craig Langemeier

Planting is well underway in the Hoegemeyer footprint and we have corn anywhere from seven leaves or more in Oklahoma to seed that still needs to get in the ground.   I have been travelling and looking at fields over the last two weeks across Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota.  All areas have had one thing in common — an abundance of moisture. In fields where water could drain, we are seeing some excellent stands in our Hoegemeyer products.  In areas where water ponded and low lying fields are the fields where we are seeing some stand issues.  Also, some fields planted on Friday, April 15, and Saturday, April 16, seems to be suffering from imbibitional chilling injury. Most of the Hoegemeyer footprint received substantial rain on Sunday, April 17, causing cold and saturated soils.  These cold, saturated conditions have caused plants in several fields to leaf out underground resulting in stand loss.  Aside from a few stand issues, the 2016 crop just needs a little heat and sunshine, and it will be off to the races.  Now is the time to be scouting your fields for stand establishment issues to make sure to set yourself up for a successful harvest.  If you have any questions or issues, contact your local Hoegemeyer DSM or Agronomist.         

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