New Research on Corn Nitrogen Uptake

May 5, 2016
Author Ryan Siefken

Nitrogen management in corn continues to evolve – with new ways to apply Nitrogen during the season, and new ways to measure it.  Our understanding of the corn plant’s appetite for Nitrogen is evolving as well.

DuPont researchers have written an article recently on Nitrogen Uptake in Corn. It’s a lengthy read but interesting.  If you don’t have time to read it, here are some of the main points:

  • Researchers are finding that modern corn hybrids are taking up nitrogen later into the season than older hybrids – to the tune of 29-40% more Nitrogen taken up after pollination when compared to older hybrids
  • Around 1/3 of a corn crop’s nitrogen may be taken up after pollination in modern corn production
  • Lower to average yielding environments still take up the vast majority of Nitrogen prior to pollination (as we’ve previously assumed)
  • High yield environments in particular may continue to take up significant amounts of nitrogen from the soil for several weeks after pollination

For the full article:

If you have any questions regarding Hoegemeyer products, be sure to connect with one of our sales agronomists.  

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Hoegemeyer Product Placement Information

March 28, 2016
Author Ryan Siefken

Hoegemeyer has just made it easier for you to access important placement tips for our products.  For our 2016 planting corn population recommendations, silage products, and high pH scores go to  Click on “Product Placement” on the “Products” tab - or click here.   You’ll find smartphone-friendly and printable information to help you get the most out of The Right Seed. 

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On Farm Research

March 9, 2016
Author Ryan Siefken

Have you ever wished you had more information before making a decision impacting all of your acres?  A growing number of farmers are using their own fields and equipment to run experiments aimed at answering their own questions.  The tools that are making this possible can be the same ones that farmers are already using in the operations  – GPS and yield monitors.  Several state university extension programs are dedicated to helping farmers develop their own well thought-out, statistically valid experiments.  Examples that I’ve seen include fertilizer rates, planting populations, row spacing, cover crops, and many new products and technologies.  The information has been valuable.

If you are interested in doing your own on-farm research, there are people who can help.  Here at Hoegemeyer, Agronomist Craig Langemeier, Product Managers Ryan Spurgeon and Ryan Siefken, and Precision Ag Lead Jeremy Horvatich can help you design experiments related to our hybrids, varieties, and seed treatments.  Here are also some links to some university websites dedicated to on-farm research:


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Hot Corn Products for 2016

January 14, 2016
Author Ryan Siefken

As we start to firm up orders for 2016 planting, it’s important to diversify the product line-up on your farm.  We have some hot new corn products that you’ll want to make sure you have some acres planted to as they have had rock-star performance. 

8469 AM, 8470 AMXT – A well-balanced high yielding and agronomic genetic family, new for 2016.
8049 AMX – Top yields with good disease tolerance for corn on corn acres.
7900 AM – High yields and strong roots for the western corn belt.
7606 AM, 7607 AMX – Bringing a whole new yield level at 106 day.

If you have questions about your corn line-up for 2016, contact your local Hoegemeyer agronomist or DSM today.

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Hoegemeyer Research Trials

October 15, 2015
Author Ryan Siefken

The long hours we’ve logged this growing season are close to paying off as test plot harvest gets underway. Hoegemeyer uses a large network of plots across the country and a team of researchers when conducting test plots. Many of our research plots are focused in the Western Corn Belt, which allows us to specialize in the unique growing conditions farmers face in this region.  We employ multiple testing strategies including strip plots, mini-strip plots and small plots. Our focus is to help our customers optimize their whole-farm yields with our hybrids and varieties. Data collected from these trials will be analyzed after harvest and will provide insights we need to continue providing the right seed for the Western Corn Belt.  Look for plot results this winter at  

ILeVO® Seed Treatment for Soybeans

Farmers have a new tool for managing both Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN) with Bayer’s new seed treatment, ILeVO®.  We tested ILeVO on multiple varieties in 2015 in order to find the true yield benefit from this seed treatment under different levels of SDS and SCN pressure.  Early results indicate there could be more areas in need of protection than previously thought. Read more about ILeVO and Hoegemeyer’s trial here.  

Corn Planting Population Trials

We test each hybrid we sell at 18,000; 26,000; 34,000; 42,000; and 50,000 plants per acre to see how they perform from one extreme to another.  From these trials, we learn optimum planting populations for each hybrid in yield environments that range from tough dryland to high-yielding irrigated.  We also gain in-depth knowledge on ear flex and standability

High pH Trials

High pH soils are common in the western and northern parts of the Corn Belt, so we test our products in replicated trials in these high pH soils for visual response and yield. These results give us the information we need to recommend the best hybrid for the soil at your operation.

Yield Trials

Yield trials Hoegemeyer performs go well beyond the farmer strip trials you see along the road.  Our products are tested all over the country by a team of researchers.  This broad testing gives us a true perspective on regional adaptation of our products, which is what we specialize in at Hoegemeyer. We use these trials and results to continue providing specialized seed that performs best in the Western Corn Belt.

At Hoegemeyer, we are proud of the in-house agronomy research that we are able to provide to farmers that will help educate their farming decisions.  We strive to offer top-quality products coupled with expert advice, so if you have questions or are interested in seeing how a hybrid or variety you’re considering performed, contact a Hoegemeyer representative.

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