Company Vision

Our vision is to be the supplier of seed that farmers rely on most for corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa products.

To achieve this vision, we dedicate ourselves to:

Customer Satisfaction

We will listen to and be responsive to our customers’ needs and wants. We will provide customers with the best information available, and in a form that is most useful to them. Ultimately, our success depends on our ability to ensure the long-term success of our customers.


We will produce world-class seed of the best varieties we can identify. Decisions will be made with performance and seed quality as key goals. Excellent service, reliable information and courteous treatment of customers are as much a part of what we sell as seed.


We will price our products fairly to provide our customers with excellent value while allowing the company a reasonable return on investment.

Core Values

We believe strongly in our core values and follow them daily as we work to provide our customers with exceptional service.  They include:


We are a family company.  Our families are important to us.  We will treat our fellow employees as our own family, helping and making allowances for each other.  We will attempt to blend our diversity of talent, interests and abilities into a flexible and innovative unit.  We will treat our customers as part of our family.


We will do things right and do the right things.  We will use fair, honest and ethical business practices.

Continuous Improvement

We will not accept half-hearted attempts.  We will combine smart thinking with hard work to eliminate wasted time, effort and resources.  We are committed to continuous change and improvement, believing it is the best path to job security and satisfaction.


People are our most important resource.  We will attempt to make Hoegemeyer a safe and satisfying place to work.  We are committed to reinvestment in products, equipment and people.