Chris with one of the earliest hybrids.

H. Chris Hoegemeyer and his son, Leonard C. Hoegemeyer, started Hoegemeyer Hybrids in 1937 when the science of producing hybrid seed was just dawning. As a student at the University of Nebraska, Leonard learned about the potential of corn hybridization and various techniques, so he brought home two inbred lines for his father to try.

Leonard’s interest grew, and he went on to earn a Master's degree at Kansas State and was working on his Ph.D. in plant breeding at the University of Missouri when he enlisted in the Army in World War II. He dedicated his life to the development of rugged, stress-tolerant hybrids to provide quality seed to farmers.

Leonard's legacy continued when his son, Tom, went to Iowa State where he earned his Ph.D. Since Tom joined the company in 1974, he has built a reputation as one of the most innovative and well-respected plant breeders in the seed industry, making Hoegemeyer Hybrids a major player among regional seed companies.

Leonard and Chris beside a stack of corn sacks tied shut with wire. This "warehouse"  was in the first "Seed House."

That same legacy also lives on in two family members who are moving Hoegemeyer forward while drawing inspiration from the leaders who came before them: Stephan Becerra and Chris Hoegemeyer.  Stephan Becerra serves as general manager for the business and Chris Hoegemeyer serves as operations manager.  The fourth generations of Hoegemeyers leading the charge for the business understand the legacy of what has brought Hoegemeyer to where it is today coupled with a focus on the future of agriculture.


Tom working in the field.


Inspecting a bag of seed.


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Presentation at 1st Field Day
1st Field Day